I’m in an E-Book! (Autimisms: second edition)

Today was one of those “Jekyll and Hyde” kind of days where Big C is sweet and cuddly one moment and kicking and screaming in my face the next. I swear, no matter what fun I had planned, he was bound to destroy it with wailing and embarrassing public temper tantrums.

Between meltdowns, I allowed myself a few minutes to indulge in social media on my phone, leading me to an email, letting me know the Second Little E-Book of Autimisms was published and ready to be shared with the world.

I had completely forgotten that (a few months back) Jodi of Geek Club Books had invited me to be a contributor to her collection of anecdotes from parents of children with autism.

Talk about perfect timing.

Reading the words of fellow parents really did lift my spirits and remind me that I’m not alone in my frustrations. Sometimes, just knowing there are other parents out there dealing with the same stuff is enough.

Naturally, I enjoyed a glass of wine (or two) as I read.

I encourage you to do the same!

~Chaos Contemplated (for now)

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