How to Raise a Bully

Bullying is all the rage right now. From cyber-shaming to good ol’ fashioned bloody fist fights, bullies are on the rise. Haven’t you been wondering where all of these bullies are coming from? Even more so, aren’t you wondering how you can raise your own?

Great news! I can tell you how. My son is young yet, but he’s got a pretty impressive resume so far. Not only has he been kicked out of daycare and preschool, he even got our nanny to quit.

Quite a rap sheet, I know (forgive me if I beam with pride).

So it is with first-hand knowledge I share with you my very own secrets on how to start raising your own bully at a young age.

Take notes.

To read all 8 secrets, head over to Sammiches and Psych Meds!

~Chaos Contemplated (for now)

try again


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