This Worries Me Most About My Son Starting Kindergarten


My five year-old son is about to start a giant milestone: grade school.

Mainly because of his August birthday, he will be entering junior kindergarten. I don’t doubt the decision to put my son in junior kindergarten. My husband and I, alongside our son’s preschool teachers, spent months discussing the decision, weighing the pros and cons.

I still worry though.

Worrying is an inevitable part of the package deal of parenting. It’s what we worry about that makes each of our jobs so unique. For me, I have the added worry of a son who struggles to regulate his emotions, interact socially, and accept change. He has autism.

I’m not worried about him riding a bus (he’s been riding one to his special needs preschool for over a year). I’m not worried about the teachers he will be working with (his school has an excellent staff and a strong transition plan in place). I’m not worried about feeling out of the loop (his IEP includes a daily communication log, per his case coordinator’s suggestion). I’m not even worried about being away from him all day (he’s had some form of childcare since he was six weeks old).

I’m worried about…

To find out, you’ll just have to head on over to Sammiches and Psych Meds!

~Chaos Contemplated (for now)

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