As Seen On

In addition to writing on my blog, I have published original work on the following sites.

Scary Mommy
10 Firsts All Parents Wish They Could Forget

Club Mid
A Life Measured in Laundry Loads
On Being Raised a Trekkie

Which Mommy Will I Be?
Diving into a Diagnosis
My Mom Jeans  

Sammiches and Psych Meds
This Worries Me Most About My Son Starting Kindergarten
The Infamous Back-to-School Teacher Nightmare
How to Raise a Bully
Why Working Full-time Makes Me a Better Mom
This is How Being Called Ugly Shaped Me
10 Hiding Places for Moms: a Practical Guide
Mommy Will Grow a Penis and 7 Other Life Lessons

Mock Mom
Study Shows Electric Shock Collars for Children are way more more Chic than Leashes
How to Rock a Dress Your Child Has Just Shit On
8 Ways to Prepare Children for the Zombie Apocalypse


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