So glad you’re here!

If you’re a parent of a child with autism, you’re in the right place. This topic is the impetus for my blog.

When I found out my oldest son (who is now five) has autism, I felt very overwhelmed. What has helped me cope with the struggles is reading the blogs of fellow parents who are also raising children with autism. I realize now I am far from alone in this incredible endeavor.

I made the decision to join this community of bloggers primarily because writing about it is very cathartic.  It is also my hope that my blog can provide you some of the solace you need and the affirmation that while your job really is tough, you have others you can lean on.

Please feel free to read, ask questions, and provide your own insight any time!

Here’s a link to all of my posts about raising a child with autism.

Here are also some specific topics you may find useful.

The Diagnosis
Posts on receiving, accepting, and reconsidering our son’s diagnosis.
“When did you first suspect your son has Autism?”
Early Intervention is key…but wait six months.
Lost in a Lingo-laden Land
Overdosing on therapy (the real cost behind it)
Diving into a Diagnosis

Aggression and Meltdowns
One of my biggest struggles with my son.
“He’s a Bad Boy!”
Typical Tuesday Night
Disciplining my child (and failing)
A Mother’s Guilty Secret
Meltdowns: “You ain’t seen nothin’!”

ABA Therapy
Our experience with this was brief, but may be beneficial for you to read.
Get a big ‘effin paper bag and breathe into it
Don’t be afraid to be that annoying student who has a question for everything
Extinction bursts will make you question why you became a parent
Ditch the bad therapist
Overdosing on therapy (the real cost behind it)

Sensory Blog Hop
This is a monthly series from a variety of bloggers – including myself – who have children with SPD (sensory-processing disorder). This group of writers has been immensely helpful and comforting.  I encourage you to read their work too! 

Daily Life
A glimpse into what it’s like to raise a child with autism.
Raising the Socially Awkward Extrovert
Is this autism or NT kid-stuff?
“Oh, he’s just stimming.”
“Body Calm, Mommy!”
“Wanna Smell my Feet?”
“I do not like that hat.  Good-bye!”
Autism and the Turkey Paci
Autism and Potty Voodoo
Autism and Circle Time Success
A Mother Divided
The Elusive Dipped Cone
Why NOT throwing your child a birthday party is okay

Finding the Joy
My favorite pieces to write, read, and remember. 
What my Special-needs Son CAN do : this piece is also on The Mighty!
Lightning Bolt Underwear: Why You Need a Pair
“My butt it getting SO big!”

Helping Others Understand
Just So You’re Aware
Autism Still Lives Here

~ Mommy Catharsis

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